Sell Pallets


We are always interested in acquiring used pallets. These may be redundant stock, surplus incoming pallets, or warehouse clearances. We are happy to price up individual lots based on the type and quantity you have.

A usual scenario is for a local distributer for a national operator or overseas subsidiary, receiving stock in on pallets, which are then unpacked with the stock being later despatched as parcels. This can generate quantities of surplus pallets which are an issue for storage space, and also, in some circumstances, fire hazard. Not only that but the cost of returning them, especially abroad, can be prohibitive.

We can come in and survey a representative sample, then arrange collections as frequently as daily, provide collection and grading paperwork for the sorted pallets and arrange any payment, if appropriate, to be made within seven days.

During this process, we will reuse serviceable pallets and  repair broken ones to an appropriate standard. Those beyond repair will be stripped for boards and blocks that we can utilise in repairs, absolutely minimising waste created from unwanted pallets.

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