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We supply all kinds of wooden pallets, you may be surprised how many different types there are.

Pallets generally split into 1200mm x 1000 mm ‘Standards’ or 1200 mm x 800 mm ‘Euros’. These are both four way entry, and the ‘Standards’ benefit from having a full perimeter base. 

Then we need to consider the loading.

Nominally 4 inch block Standards are capable of taking 1,000kg; 3 inch blocks are capable of taking 500kg. If the loading is very even and covers the entire area then the lighter duty pallet may be sufficient, which is where our experience comes in. We also have a Standard Heavy which has thicker bearers and boards and is rated to 1,500 kg.

With Euro Pallets there is the normal Stamped Euro which will take 1,500 kg or the Lightweight Euro, sometimes called a one way, which will take about 250-300 kgs.

Other  pallets include Standard 3 Leggers, with open bases on the narrow side to allow easy access for pallet trucks. Printers that are nominally 600 x 800mm and Drum pallets.

Of course if you have a bespoke application then we can supply new, custom made pallets to the required specification. 

Whatever your requirement you can rely on us to supply pallets tailored to your application.

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